Author: Iana Dreyer

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In brief: Commission not expected to move on data flows in TiSA before end October

Sources close to the matter told Borderlex the Cabinet of Commission president Juncker is withholding tabling a text on data localisation to member states in view of advancing talks on the matter in trade agreements, and in particular the Trade in Services Agreement, in fear this could jeopardise the imminent adoption of …

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EU Japan FTA: Japanese music industry seeks more copyright protections

The Japan Council of Performers Rights and Performing Arts Organizations and the Recording Industry Association of Japan are lobbying for increased copyright protection in the EU Japan free trade agreement currently under negotiation.   Trade Commissioner Malmström is trying to placate them. In a letter to the organizations early October (7 …

Appellate Body upholds WTO rebuff of EU antidumping duties on Argentinean biodiesel
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Appellate Body upholds WTO rebuff of EU antidumping duties on Argentinean biodiesel

The WTO’s appellate body upheld an earlier ruling outlawing EU antidumping duties on Argentinean biofuels. The case has broader ramifications for EU antidumping policy going forward as it follows on other converging rulings in the Court of Justice of the EU.           The EU Commission will now have to …

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CETA: draft declaration hints at “effectively enforceable” labour and environment provisions in early revision

The German Social-Democrats were promised a declaration by trade commissioner Malmström and trade minister Freeland ahead of a coming Council meeting that aims to give the green light to the signature and ratification of CETA later this month. They are getting it. And it does not quite satisfy the demands made by Bernd …