Author: Iana Dreyer

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“Namur declaration” calls for more national involvement in EU trade deals

The leader of the Belgian region of Wallonia, Paul Magnette, who is also an academic, orchestrated a declaration on trade policy by leading professors across the West entitled the Namur Declaration. The three-page text, released on Monday (5 December 2016) calls for greater scrutiny of trade agreements by national and regional parliaments in …

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China, Japan week – and others

The Commission is working through its trade agreements amidst heavy headwinds.   A ministerial meeting on the Environmental Goods Agreement in Geneva failed to deliver a deal this week-end. Whether other trade and investment projects will materialise is not clear….   Below, the key files to watch this week.   …

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GSP Plus – Philippines, Pakistan and Sri Lanka under EU scrutiny

The EU will examine three countries under its GSP Plus scheme in early December: the Philippines, Pakisan and Sri Lanka.   The Philippines have come into the crosshairs of those concerned about recently elected  president Duterte’s human rights track record. Duterte’s ordering of extra-judicial killings in a bloody crack-down on drugs-related crime has raised …