Author: Iana Dreyer


EU Japan FTA gives signs of life

There is movement behind the scenes on the EU Japan FTA, under negotiation since 2013.   Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet is reportedly gearing up work on the final steps to finalise the talks – which have hinged on final auto and agriculture issues. Now that the Diet in Tokyo ratified the TPP …

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Trump factor: Commission also sees opportunity to advance own trade agenda

Trade professionals in Brussels are shocked and depressed following the victory of trade-sceptic Donald Trump in the US elections. The flagship but fledgling transatlantic TTIP is seen as frozen, or dead, at least for the time being. But some also see opportunity in this dire situation.   The Transpacific Partnership Agreement …

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Mexico and Uganda alcoholic beverages laws in EU limelight

The EU is looking after its alcoholic beverages industry in the WTO, the latest WTO meeting on technical barriers to trade reveals. The Commission is putting pressure on Colombia with a pending case on its domestic laws on alcoholic beverage marketing arrangements and taxes. Is it now setting its sights on Mexico and …