China Trade defence

Commission rebuffs Pro Sun request to review benchmark price for Chinese solar cells

The price undertaking currently in force with Chinese solar panel producers remains based on the EU Commission’s initial international price benchmark, the DG Trade’s antidumping department decided.   Pro Sun, the lobby group behind the undertaking decided in 2013 requested one year ago that the EU review the benchmark price …


Chinese trade drop

Freshly released Chinese customs data reveal a 7 percent drop in trade volumes in 2015 to 24.6 trillion yuan (ca € 3.6 trillion). Beijing has thus missed its target of 6 percent growth in trade. Chinese imports fell by 13.2 percent and exports by 1.8 percent. As a result of …


New European Parliament Report on China

Today the European Parliament adopted a resolution on EU-China relations. The report issues recommendations on all areas of cooperation, including foreign policy.   In the area of commercial policy, the report calls for the introduction of a “fully-fledged sustainable development chapter to be included in the bilateral investment treaty under …