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EU Vietnam FTA receives broad endorsement in Parliament as Commission announces report on how deal could contribute to human rights improvements

A debate in the plenary session of the European Parliament on Monday revealed that many MEPs broadly endorse a free trade deal concluded last summer and expected to be signed next week.   Signature could be delayed over a variety of remaining concerns, not least civil society and MEP questions …

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The trade agenda in EU: last weeks before end 2015

China   On top of EU decision-makers’ minds is China. The EU will need to decide mid December whether to extend the two-year old price arrangement over imports of solar panels and how to handle imports of Chinese steel as the sector clamours for protection amidst a steep price fall. …

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LOBBY: Textile and apparel: Euratex steps up pro TTIP campaign, expresses scepticism at EU Vietnam FTA

The European business lobby Euratex is campaigning strongly on trade. It has launched a major communications offensive in favour of TTIP on its website, social media and in conferences. It is arguing that US tariffs and non tariff barriers (including labelling issues) are an impediment to EU exports to the …