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Commission offers to reinstate Sri Lanka GSP+ status conditional on further human rights scrutiny

The European Commission has proposed on 11 January to grant Sri Lanka the Generalised Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP +) status, the benefits of which had been temporarily withdrawn from the country in 2010. This exclusion followed an investigation’s findings that had flagged serious flaws in Sri Lanka’s implementation of three UN human rights …

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Advocate General says BITs with Singapore can only be terminated by member states

The EU Singapore FTA is the first practical test case for the termination of bilateral investment treaties signed by the European countries before 2009 – the year of entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty. Twelve member states have BITs in place with Singapore. These treaties cover investment protection and investor-state dispute settlement. …

Comment: The Advocate General’s opinion on the Singapore FTA is a pyrrhic victory for Europe’s trade-sceptics
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Comment: The Advocate General’s opinion on the Singapore FTA is a pyrrhic victory for Europe’s trade-sceptics

  If the Court of Justice rules on the lines offered by the European Court of Justice’s Advocate-General’s opinion released on 21 December 2016, the EU will not be able to sign modern trade agreements that include namely social and environmental standards, writes Christofer Fjellner.   Last October’s debacle during which Wallonia …

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GSP Plus – Philippines, Pakistan and Sri Lanka under EU scrutiny

The EU will examine three countries under its GSP Plus scheme in early December: the Philippines, Pakisan and Sri Lanka.   The Philippines have come into the crosshairs of those concerned about recently elected  president Duterte’s human rights track record. Duterte’s ordering of extra-judicial killings in a bloody crack-down on drugs-related crime has raised …

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Trump factor: Commission also sees opportunity to advance own trade agenda

Trade professionals in Brussels are shocked and depressed following the victory of trade-sceptic Donald Trump in the US elections. The flagship but fledgling transatlantic TTIP is seen as frozen, or dead, at least for the time being. But some also see opportunity in this dire situation.   The Transpacific Partnership Agreement …