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In Brief: EU advancing ICS plans in Asia as Singapore signals readiness to sign on to it and talks with Korea to be launched soon

The EU and Korea are preparing to launch talks to upgrade their 2011 bilateral free trade agreement. The main aim is to see Korea sign on to the EU model investment treaty that includes an investment court and pre-appointed arbitrators.   Such an agreement would supersede existing bilateral investment treaties …

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In brief: Commission releases Myanmar strategy – Mogherini would like to see revival of stalled EU GCC trade talks

The Commission has released a new strategy towards Myanmar. The trade dimension of the strategy focuses on ensuring the South-East Asian country that is undergoing a democratic transition complies with International Labour Organisation norms, and protects its forests. The strategy also insists on finalising an investment protection agreement, towards which …

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ASEAN: Commission eyes 2018 for EU Vietnam FTA implementation and revival of Malaysia FTA plans this year

The Commission is hoping the EU Vietnam free trade agreement concluded last December can come into force in early 2018, Frauke Sommer, Policy Coordinator, South and South-East Asia at DG Trade said at a meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels today.   The deal is undergoing ‘legal scrubbing’ and …