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CETA:  the news circulated in English  – initially by Politico – of a coalition of German anti TTIP and anti CETA campaigners led by Campact! filing a case against the Canada EU trade deal at the German constitutional court in Karlsruhe shows this piece of news needs to be put in perspective. …

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CETA: Canada Trade Minister Freeland starts promotion tour in Germany – Sigmar Gabriel says it’s an “excellent benchmark for TTIP” – political crisis around visas

Berlin has been the first stop of Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s current trade minister on a roadshow trip in Europe to bring forward the ratification process of the Canada-EU CETA trade agreement. The minister will be Brussels next week, including to meet the EU Parliament. Canada wants to see the deal …

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France and Germany congratulate themselves on CETA investment chapter outcome as ratification countdown begins

Canada endorsed the EU’s idea of a system of international arbitration or adjudication based on pre-selected judges to deal with disputes between investors and host states in the Canada EU CETA trade deal initially concluded in September 2014.   The EU went back to Canada during the ‘legal scrubbing’ process …


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CETA: EU Canada talks over potential amendments to CETAs investment chapter are “in limbo”; Canada’s Global and Mail reports. Read: both sides are waiting to see how next week’s TTIP negotiations over the EU’s plans to introduce an investment court go before speeding ahead.