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Monthly briefing: Can TTIP meet TPP? The EU’s labour and environment chapters in its FTAs

“We’ve worked with our TPP parties to raise labor and environmental standards …. and there’s no reason we can’t do that with the EU and take it even further, whether it’s on human trafficking or wildlife trafficking, illegal logging, illegal fishing, protections against the worst forms of child labor. There …

CETA United States & TTIP

Germany’s centre-left party chief and economics minister Sigmar Gabriel sees party support dented over TTIP, CETA

The annual three-day party convention of the SPD, Chancellor Merkel’s junior coalition partner in government, turned out to be bruising for Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s current Vice Chancellor and economics minister.   Part of the left-wing fraction of the party criticised Gabriel for supporting TTIP and CETA, and for toeing the …

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USTR Froman is in Brussels to take stock of TTIP negotiations, talk WTO issues

The US top trade diplomat Michael Froman is in Europe and spending time in Brussels to take stock of the difficult transatlantic trade negotiations. His counterpart Commissioner Cecilia Malmström said WTO issues and the coming Nairobi Ministerial next week are also on the agenda of their meeting as both sides …