United States & TTIP

United States & TTIP WTO & Plurilaterals

In brief: US and EU agree on pharma deal – WTO TRIPs waiver for pharmaceuticals comes into force

The EU and US have finalised an agreement  among regulators today that mutually recognises each party’s ‘good manufacturing practices’ for pharmaceuticals. Pharma was also source of news from Geneva today.   The EU-US agreement, initially part of the regulatory package of the now dormant Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement is an update to a …

United States & TTIP

Transatlantic : EU and US make last trade gestures before Obama administration folds

An era of uncertainty opens in transatlantic relations, as in exactly one week President Obama (20 January 2017) will hand over the reins of power to Donald Trump. The US administration will focus on settling into working mode and not enter major trade negotiations for several months at least. US trade policy is also expected …