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Israeli settlement product labelling   The EU has published guidelines for labelling of agricultural goods and cosmetics produced in Israeli settlements. Such measures already exist in individual EU member states. Now they will be applied EU-wide. The move “corresponds to the wish of the Parliament for a while”, Bernd Lange …

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EU Parliament report on Ukraine trade policy as deadline for DCFTA looms

A new European Parliament report entitled, Ukraine’s will to liberalise: tested on many fronts, explains that since the crisis erupted in 2014, the country’s “exports to the EU have demonstrated a surprising resilience, thanks largely to the positive performance of agriculture. While the EU has granted the country autonomous trade …

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LOBBY: Textile and apparel: Euratex steps up pro TTIP campaign, expresses scepticism at EU Vietnam FTA

The European business lobby Euratex is campaigning strongly on trade. It has launched a major communications offensive in favour of TTIP on its website, social media and in conferences. It is arguing that US tariffs and non tariff barriers (including labelling issues) are an impediment to EU exports to the …