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Parliament report: EU trade deals increase money laundering risk

A new research report commissioned by the European Parliament argues that free trade agreements increase the risk of money laundering.   The report, Commissioned after the Panama Papers affair this spring, says that EU free trade agreements with emerging markets such as South Africa, Chile, Mexico, Central America, or South Korea …

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In brief – Greek MEP up in arms against EU SADC compromise on feta cheese denomination

Stelios Kolouglou (GUE/NGL) has staged an offensive against the EU Southern African Development Community EPA signed early June in Botswana.   In amendments to a motion for a resolution currently under preparation by the Parliament’s trade committee, Mr Kolouglou, along with the Italian MEP Eleonora Forenza, have decided to “decline …

EU African EPAs in limbo
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EU African EPAs in limbo

The EU’s Economic Partnership Agreements – or EPAs – with sub-Saharan countries inked a few years ago are not getting off the ground as African governments don’t like their EU-inspired rules on raw materials policies. African countries are also currently prioritising continent-wide regional integration. By Iana Dreyer.