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China Investment

EU Commission mulls options to bloc politically motivated investments

Details of Commission plans to potentially screen and bloc foreign direct investments that are “politically motivated” have started leaking. The plans were initiated shortly after Germany blocked the acquisition of a German firm Aixtron by a Chinese state-owned company in late 2016, following a request by Berlin, Paris and Rome.   The plans consider the …

Australia & New Zealand ISDS ICS

New Zealand expresses interest in multilateral investment court idea

New Zealand’s Trade Minister Todd McClay finds the EU’s multilateral investment court idea “interesting”. Though he “wants to learn more”, his government is ready to continue the conversation “certainly at the multilateral level”.   New Zealand is preparing to launch free trade agreement negotiations with the EU.   The Commission …

Energy & Environment

European Parliament wants trade policy to help tackle wildlife trafficking

Members of the European Parliament have overwhelmingly voted on Thursday (2 March 2017) in favour of tackling wildlife trafficking through  EU trade policy.   The own-initiative, non legislative, text is a follow-up to the European Union’s 2016 Action Plan against wildlife trafficking. The report was endorsed by an overwhelming majority of 94 percent …