Digital In-depth briefings

Monthly Briefing: After TPP – the making of trade rules for data flows

By Martina Francesca Ferracane, Policy Analyst, European Centre for International Political Economy. Contact:   In April 2016, the EU adopted its new data protection regulation. With the Privacy Shield, the successor agreement to the Safe Harbour between the EU and the US regulating personal data flows to the United …

Digital WTO & Plurilaterals

European Parliament preparing for ITA2 ratification and endorsement of ‘Trade for All’ strategy

The European Parliament’s trade committee will be extremely busy this week. In its coming session on Wednesday and Thursday, it will meet with Cecilia Malmström, with Canadian Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland, with Ecuador’s trade minister, among others. The committee is also preparing for two important steps: the ratification of the …

Digital Mobility TTIP

TTIP: ICT and transport infrastructure providers lobby against ‘IEEE-fication’ of intellectual property

EU ICT and transport infrastructure providers have launched a new pressure group ‘IP Europe’ that aims to fight against US American court and legislative trends that deny companies intellectual property injunctions on the ground that these are ‘standard essential patents’ with a ‘fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory’ licensing commitment. The matter …