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Indonesia revives EU biodiesel antidumping disputes with new WTO complaint

If you believed the fate of the EU’s biodiesel antidumping duties was sealed after the WTO appellate body’s ruling on a case brought by Argentina and a European Court of Justice ruling annulling these measures in the autumn 2016, stand corrected. The saga goes on.   This week, Indonesia filed a complaint in …

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European Parliament wants trade policy to help tackle wildlife trafficking

Members of the European Parliament have overwhelmingly voted on Thursday (2 March 2017) in favour of tackling wildlife trafficking through  EU trade policy.   The own-initiative, non legislative, text is a follow-up to the European Union’s 2016 Action Plan against wildlife trafficking. The report was endorsed by an overwhelming majority of 94 percent …

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Indonesia FTA papers: Intellectual property and raw materials among top EU priorities

The EU Commission has released nine revealing negotiating texts it tabled to Indonesian trade authorities during the second round of free trade talks held in Jakarta in late January.   The report on the round published by the Commission hailed the talks as “constructive” and explained that the EU set …

Comment: Why EU antidumping duties on Chinese solar panels should be dropped
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Comment: Why EU antidumping duties on Chinese solar panels should be dropped

It is time for the Commission to let antidumping duties and its ‘price undertaking’ on Chinese solar panels expire. The measures do not help the EU achieve it climate goals, argues Christofer Fjellner.   The EU is extending its duties on solar panels from China. These antidumping tariffs are not only an …

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COM review of antidumping duties on Argentina and Indonesia biodiesel part of broader web of legal disputes

The Commission announced it was undertaking a review of its antidumping measures applied to biodiesel imported from Indonesia and Argentina which have been in force since 2013. The move is only part of a wider web of legal disputes regarding these measures.   The announcement states that the EU aims to comply with …