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EU Commission mulls options to bloc politically motivated investments

Details of Commission plans to potentially screen and bloc foreign direct investments that are “politically motivated” have started leaking. The plans were initiated shortly after Germany blocked the acquisition of a German firm Aixtron by a Chinese state-owned company in late 2016, following a request by Berlin, Paris and Rome.   The plans consider the …

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Advocate General says BITs with Singapore can only be terminated by member states

The EU Singapore FTA is the first practical test case for the termination of bilateral investment treaties signed by the European countries before 2009 – the year of entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty. Twelve member states have BITs in place with Singapore. These treaties cover investment protection and investor-state dispute settlement. …

Comment: Selling the proposal for a multilateral investment court to the world

Comment: Selling the proposal for a multilateral investment court to the world

The European Commission’s Directorate for Trade is making true on its pledge to work towards establishing an international investment court to overcome investment arbitration to settle international investor-state disputes. After a meeting in Geneva aimed at discussing EU plans held mid December, DG Trade stated “there is an appetite for reforming the current …

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“Namur declaration” calls for more national involvement in EU trade deals

The leader of the Belgian region of Wallonia, Paul Magnette, who is also an academic, orchestrated a declaration on trade policy by leading professors across the West entitled the Namur Declaration. The three-page text, released on Monday (5 December 2016) calls for greater scrutiny of trade agreements by national and regional parliaments in …


In brief: Client Earth criticises European Parliament legal opinion on investment court in CETA

The freshly released European Parliament legal service’s opinion on the EU’s investor court system put forward in its Canadian trade agreement CETA was bound to displease investment arbitration and investment treaty critics: it indeed declared the system compatible with EU law.   The environmental NGO Client Earth, an activist critic of international investment protection treaties, released a legal opinion …