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China antidumping: Business Europe won’t participate in Commission public consultation as options seen as too “narrow”

In an angry letter to Commissioner Cecilia Malmström, the head of Business Europe Markus Beyrer explains why the biggest EU business lobby will not participate in the public consultation launched by the EU on the possibility of amending the EU’s trade defence law:   Excerpts from the letter:   “As …

Social & human rights South Asia & ASEAN

Rana Plaza: EU calls on Bangladesh to work harder on worker rights

In a joint statement on the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza accident in Bangladesh leaving more than thousand garment factory workers, dead, Commissioners Malmström, Thyssen and Mimica, state that there has been progress in enforcement of union rights and improvements of labour standards in the country but more needs …

EU African EPAs in limbo
Energy & Environment SSAfrica

EU African EPAs in limbo

The EU’s Economic Partnership Agreements – or EPAs – with sub-Saharan countries inked a few years ago are not getting off the ground as African governments don’t like their EU-inspired rules on raw materials policies. African countries are also currently prioritising continent-wide regional integration. By Iana Dreyer.          

Digital WTO & Plurilaterals

European Parliament preparing for ITA2 ratification and endorsement of ‘Trade for All’ strategy

The European Parliament’s trade committee will be extremely busy this week. In its coming session on Wednesday and Thursday, it will meet with Cecilia Malmström, with Canadian Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland, with Ecuador’s trade minister, among others. The committee is also preparing for two important steps: the ratification of the …

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EU’s current wrangling with member states over competency in intellectual property threatens acceptance of ten-year old TRIPs amendment

IP Watch reports that the way EU votes are counted in the WTO is making the fate of an amendment to intellectual property rules under TRIPs agreed on over a decade ago highly uncertain. These rules regard exports of medicines under compulsory licences. This is the result of an entrenched …