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Brussels moves against intra-EU investor-state arbitration raise Energy Charter dilemmas

The Commission is stepping up efforts to root out intra-EU international investment arbitration. Yet doing so for Energy Charter Treaty-based cases raises dilemmas for a body that wants to promote the agreement globally but sees support for the text dwindling at home, as seen with Italy’s recent outright pull-out. By Iana Dreyer.

BLOG: EU & ISDS: Are investor-state tribunals really ‘private’?

BLOG: EU & ISDS: Are investor-state tribunals really ‘private’?

Are investor-state investment arbitration tribunals ‘private’ justice, or private “corporate tribunals”? Whatever one thinks of the merits of ISDS or lack thereof,  this frequently-aired view is wrong. Also the often-heard argument that in Europe investor-state arbitration tribunals are out of control of EU law is questionable. By Iana Dreyer     

ITA-II – or how trade multilateralism has become a Chinese puzzle
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ITA-II – or how trade multilateralism has become a Chinese puzzle

The much vaunted so-called ITA-II deal that expands the 1996 World Trade Organization’s Information Technology Agreement reached in Geneva on 24 July will be obsolete very quickly, argues Hosuk Lee Makiyama. Also, contrary to frequently aired views, the agreement is not likely to revive the multilateral system. The deal shows that final compromises …

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In brief: Next week – new round of Environmental Goods Agreement negotiations

Parties to the Environmental Goods Agreement will be holding a new round of negotiations over the liberalisation of tariffs on “green goods” next week (July 27-31) in Geneva. The aim of the seventeen WTO members parties to the talks is to conclude a deal ahead of the UN Paris climate summit in December …