Digital Mobility United States & TTIP

TTIP: ICT and transport infrastructure providers lobby against ‘IEEE-fication’ of intellectual property

EU ICT and transport infrastructure providers have launched a new pressure group ‘IP Europe’ that aims to fight against US American court and legislative trends that deny companies intellectual property injunctions on the ground that these are ‘standard essential patents’ with a ‘fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory’ licensing commitment. The matter …

Agriculture Australia & New Zealand

EP: dairy, sugar, beef, sheep meat, and GIs sensitive topics in EU New Zealand, EU Australia FTA

In a debate following a European Parliament’s trade committee ‘oral question’ on the planned EU Australia and EU New Zealand free trade agreements in plenary, EU agricultural sensitivities on sugar, meat (beef, sheep), and EU geographical indications surfaced as the key potential sticking points for MEPs across political parties and …