Hogan tells UK farmers how they benefit from EU trade policy, says GI deal with China “quite advanced”

In a keynote speech at the Oxford Farming Conference in the United Kingdom, the EU’s agriculture commissioner Phil Hogan went into great length to explain why UK farmers benefit from being in the EU.   The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy “has become more liberal, more flexible, and more outward-looking – …

Enforcement of FTAs: lessons for TPP and new trade agreements
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Enforcement of FTAs: lessons for TPP and new trade agreements

In its communication on the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) Washington insists on the fact that the agreement is ‘enforceable’. ‘Enforceability’ involves a strong and trusted dispute settlement mechanism. If experience of previous trade agreements is to offer any guidance, enforceability of TPP cannot be taken for granted. The stakes are high for regional …

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Monthly briefing: Can TTIP meet TPP? The EU’s labour and environment chapters in its FTAs

“We’ve worked with our TPP parties to raise labor and environmental standards …. and there’s no reason we can’t do that with the EU and take it even further, whether it’s on human trafficking or wildlife trafficking, illegal logging, illegal fishing, protections against the worst forms of child labor. There …

Interview: Nairobi shows WTO is still a player in trade negotiations
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Interview: Nairobi shows WTO is still a player in trade negotiations

The last Nairobi WTO ministerial conference in Nairobi did not reaffirm the original mandate of the 2001 Doha Development Agenda, to the disappointment of some WTO members. It has nonetheless delivered significant results, and shown that the WTO is sill a player in global trade negotiations, argues Stuart Harbinson* in a an exclusive interview with Borderlex’s …


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ISDS   International Arbitration Reporter broke the story that the very controversial case brought by the tobacco company Philip Morris against Australia in 2014 because of the latter’s plain packaging laws was rejected by the tribunal set up under a Hong Kong – Australia BIT. The grounds appear to be …

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NGO FIDH calls on EU to tackle human rights with Vietnam in aftermath of EU Vietnam FTA

“In its rush to conclude negotiations for a free trade agreement with Vietnam, the EU has not only neglected to conduct a human rights impact assessment but also failed to demand an end to Hanoi’s ongoing rights violations”, FIDH President Karim Lahidji said in a statement ahead of a Human …