Steel Trade defence

STEEL/ANTIDUMPING – Experts: Not many more steel antidumping cases to expect in EU as low prices new normal

EU member states called on the EU on Monday 9 November to use more systematically its panoply of trade defence instruments – antidumping, countervailing measures and safeguards – to help the bloc’s struggling steel industry (see Borderlex PRO edition of 10 November). But it is not sure the number of …

Trade Facilitation United States & TTIP Vietnam

LOBBY: Textile and apparel: Euratex steps up pro TTIP campaign, expresses scepticism at EU Vietnam FTA

The European business lobby Euratex is campaigning strongly on trade. It has launched a major communications offensive in favour of TTIP on its website, social media and in conferences. It is arguing that US tariffs and non tariff barriers (including labelling issues) are an impediment to EU exports to the …

Agriculture WTO & Plurilaterals

Crunch time for Nairobi – future of Doha in question over agricultural subsidies standoff

Intense negotiations over a package of trade measures ahead of the Nairobi WTO ministerial on 15-18 December have been held over the week-end and will continue over the next days. A minimalist package of measures is currently being hammered out thanks to the active involvement of the WTO’s director general …