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British trade policy: how to take back control
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British trade policy: how to take back control

  Don’t rush into a deal with China, India or the United States. Make the government machinery more efficient. Formulate a proper trade policy strategy. Engage with civil society, devolved administrations, and be more transparent.   That’s the key messages to Whitehall conveyed by the Institute for Government in a report discussing how Britain’s …

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UK Labour pledges ‘soft’ approach to Brexit

Britain’s opposition Labour Party has set out its general approach to Britain’s planned exit from the European Union as part of the country’s upcoming general election. The focus is on staying as closely tied to the EU’s single market as possible, and prioritising trade with the EU.   “We believe in building a new relationship with …

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Paul Ryan: Washington will “chart a path forward on TTIP”

The United States is ready to negotiate a new trade deal with Great Britain. It also continues to have plans for the European Union, said Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker at the US House of Representatives.   Visiting London this week with a bipartisan delegation from the US House of Representatives, Ryan …