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EU challenges Colombia in WTO over spirits monopolies and taxation

The EU has filed a request for consultations with Colombia in the WTO’s dispute settlement body over what it believes is discriminatory treatment of European spirits in local markets. The move was welcomed by various spirits associations in the EU.   The Scottisch Whisky Association (SWA) stated: “the industry struggles …

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Kazakhstan finalises trade arrangement with Eurasian Economic Union over its WTO accession

The Eurasian Economic Commission, the executive body of the customs and economic union bringing together Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan since 2015 announced that final arrangements were made to ensure compatibility between Kazakhstan’s fresh membership in the WTO and its participation in the grouping.   Kazakhstan joined the WTO …

Interview: Nairobi shows WTO is still a player in trade negotiations
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Interview: Nairobi shows WTO is still a player in trade negotiations

The last Nairobi WTO ministerial conference in Nairobi did not reaffirm the original mandate of the 2001 Doha Development Agenda, to the disappointment of some WTO members. It has nonetheless delivered significant results, and shown that the WTO is sill a player in global trade negotiations, argues Stuart Harbinson* in a an exclusive interview with Borderlex’s …

EGA Turkey & Med


The EU and Turkey have opened Chapter 17 – Economic and Monetary Affairs – in Turkey’s EU accession process.   The Environmental Goods Agreement talks get a nod in Nairobi as DG Azevedo welcomes “considerable progress” in the talks in an official announcement. Australia’s trade minister Andrew Robb, as representative …