TPC meeting on Philippines, Mexico, Turkey, Japan

1. Bilateral/Regional issues
1.1. EU-Turkey: Draft negotiating directives on the proposed negotiations regarding Bilateral Trade Relationship and Modernisation of the Customs Union
2. WTO issues
2.1. Post-Nairobi – MC11 (Buenos Aires, December 2017)
2.2. Art. XXIV:6 (GATT) – Brazil
2.3. WTO – Mexico Trade Policy Review
2.4. WTO 84th Committee on Regional Trade Agreements
2.5. Work on Non -Tariff Barriers in the context of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA)
2.6. Preparation of the upcoming meeting of the WTO TBT Committee
3. Bilateral/Regional issues
3.1. EU-Philippines Free Trade Agreement 2nd negotiation round (Cebu City, 13-17 February)
3.2. Mexico – Preparation of the 3rd Round of Negotiations
3.3. Preparation for the second meeting of the Trade Dialogue with Belarus – written report
4. Any Other Business
4.1. EU-Japan FTA negotiations