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  • Full access to the website (everything behind the paywall)
  • Daily news on EU trade policy – readable online for subscribers only and sent daily to the subscribers’ e-mails
  • Regular in-depth analyses of specific trade policy files exclusive to subscribers
  • Access to Borderlex’s TTIP document library – the TTIP Tracker
  • Access to a detailed trade negotiation calendar
  • Full access to Borderlex PRO’s searchable news and analysis archive


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Subscriptions are annual and offered to individuals or groups.

Our base rate starting in January 2017 is

  • €895 per year. For UK-based subscribers the base rate is £795 + VAT.
  • € 495 for 6 months. For UK-based subscribers the rate is £425 + VAT.
  • Subscriptions are individual. We offer very attractive group packages.
  • Large corporate subscriptions with IP recognition technology are also available.

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