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Cambodia’s garment manufacturers sue EU over preference withdrawal

This summer, the European Commission withdrew trade preferences granted to Cambodia. Cambodia benefited from duty-free-quota free trade under the EU’s Everything-But-Arms aimed at the world’s poorest countries. The partial withdrawal affects one fifth of the the South East Asian country’s garment and shoes exports. Despite calls this summer to take …

Cambodia GSP, GSP Plus, EBA Latest news

Cambodia EBA suspension in shadow of COVID-19 and November ASEM summit

A few weeks before the Big Lockdown, the European Union announced it was suspending trade preferences enjoyed by Cambodia under Brussels’ flagship duty-free-quota-free trade regime for the world’s poorest countries. Despite the severe economic and supply chain damage wrought by the pandemic, the EU still appears to plan on pressing …

Cambodia GSP, GSP Plus, EBA Latest news

Cambodian government defiant in face of partial EU duty free right suspension

The European Commission released a widely anticipated ‘delegated act’ in which, for the first time in the scheme’s almost fifteen-year history, suspends free trade rights for one of the poorest countries in the world. About 20% of Cambodian exports to the EU are covered by the planned preference withdrawal measures. …