A week in Brussels: Latin America, Vietnam, TDI, MIC
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A week in Brussels: Latin America, Vietnam, TDI, MIC

This week’s trade highlights of the week have been: Latin America, the EU-Vietnam free trade agreement, trade defence and the EU’s multilateral investment court plans.   Deal or no deal in Mercosur, that is the question   The EU has been negotiating hard with both Mercosur and Mexico this week …

Exclusive: David Martin on Scotland, Brexit and EU ASEAN trade
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Exclusive: David Martin on Scotland, Brexit and EU ASEAN trade

  David Martin talks to Hermine Donceel about Scotland after Brexit and EU ASEAN trade relations. Scotland could end up voting to leave the United Kingdom and should be allowed to join EFTA, the MEP reckons. As to EU ASEAN relations, the EU must pay more attention to human rights and …

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Commission plans to step up promotion of EU Vietnam FTA – amidst CETA row

The Vietnamese government is watching the protracted CETA ratification process in the EU with perplexity and anxiety as it asks itself what this could mean for its own recently concluded deal with the EU. The EU Commission shares these worries.   In 2015, Vietnam concluded a wide-reaching free trade agreement with …

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ASEAN: Commission eyes 2018 for EU Vietnam FTA implementation and revival of Malaysia FTA plans this year

The Commission is hoping the EU Vietnam free trade agreement concluded last December can come into force in early 2018, Frauke Sommer, Policy Coordinator, South and South-East Asia at DG Trade said at a meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels today.   The deal is undergoing ‘legal scrubbing’ and …


MEP Fjellner: investment court in EU Vietnam FTA amounts to “trusting judges appointed by a communist regime”

The young Swedish MEP (EPP) Christopher Fjellner is playing the role of gadfly on investment protection in the EU Parliament, whose pressure has led the EU to introduce permanent judges as part of the dispute resolution pillar of its new bilateral free trade agreements.   Under proposal in the ongoing …