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Reminder: Key take-aways of Council (Trade) on 27 November

The Council’s foreign affairs trade branch met for an intense meeting on trade issues. Key take-aways:   TTIP/Transparency: Member state parliamentarians will now receive access to consolidated TTIP texts (i.e. with US views) in EU capitals. This has been a key demand of the German Bundestag. “There will be reading …

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Ecuador: EP votes in favour of Ecuador resolution that delays it joining EU FTA with Peru/Colombia

MEPs voted by an overwhelming majority in favour of requesting further clarifications on the social and human rights dimension and on planned safeguard provisions  on banana imports in a free trade deal between the EU and Ecuador inked late December (Borderlex PRO 26/11 2015) involving it joining an existing deal …

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The trade agenda in EU: last weeks before end 2015

China   On top of EU decision-makers’ minds is China. The EU will need to decide mid December whether to extend the two-year old price arrangement over imports of solar panels and how to handle imports of Chinese steel as the sector clamours for protection amidst a steep price fall. …