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French presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy calls for end of ‘precautionary principle’ and for continued protection of French meat producers in TTIP

Greenpeace, which got hold of a leaked draft version of TTIP this week-end, and cried wolf about the potential demise of the EU’s ‘precautionary principle’ in managing health and environmental risks in the deal under negotiation with the US, might also want to look at presidential elections in France. An …

United States & TTIP

TTIP Round 13: negotiators report progress in tariffs, regulatory cooperation, competition, seek convergence on investment protection

Round 13 of TTIP held this week in New York can be seen as a productive session in advancing the requisite “paperwork” on TTIP, i.e. working towards a common text in which only the most sensitive matters are left in square brackets for political leaders to sort out at the …

United States & TTIP

IPR: US Special 301 Report puts Spain, Greece, Romania in US limelight – TTIP talks on intellectual property not far advanced

The US annual review of third country infringements of intellectual property rights also known as  Annual Special 301 Report on Intellectual Property Rights is often received with quite a degree of apprehension by US trading partners, as being put on a priority watch list can ultimately lead to commercial sanctions. …