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The trade agenda in EU: last weeks before end 2015

China   On top of EU decision-makers’ minds is China. The EU will need to decide mid December whether to extend the two-year old price arrangement over imports of solar panels and how to handle imports of Chinese steel as the sector clamours for protection amidst a steep price fall. …

Ukraine, Russia & CIS

Russia/Ukraine: Jean-Claude Juncker offers Putin cooperation with EEU if Minsk implemented as Russia announces full food embargo on Ukraine on 1 January 2016

This week EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker wrote a letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin offering him cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union under the condition that the February 2015 ceasefire agreement be simultaneously implemented. Moscow has announced that it was planning to enforce a full embargo on exports of …

Ukraine, Russia & CIS

Ukraine vows to implement DCFTA on 1 January 2016 – regardless of Russia

Trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström held high-level meetings on Friday 13 November in Kyiv in view of preparations for Ukraine’s implementation of its ‘deep and comprehensive’ free trade agreement with the EU. Ukraine’s track record on trade policy has been mixed since the postponement of the deal’s implementation last year to …