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Brexit Task Force’s deputy to lead trade department of European Commission
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Brexit Task Force’s deputy to lead trade department of European Commission

Sabine Weyand is to become next Director General for Trade, replacing the Frenchman Jean-Luc Demarty. Ms Weyand will lead the European Union’s trade bureaucracy after almost three years in a strategic post as deputy to the European Commission’s Article 50 Task force, the team that negotiated a ‘withdrawal agreement’ with …

Many businesses could 'struggle to stay afloat' after Brexit
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UK ceramics sector vents frustration over Brexit trade policy confusion

A UK manufacturing industry group has written to prime minister Theresa May expressing exasperation at what it sees as a mismatch between MPs’ views on trade policy and industry’s aspirations. The letter, by the British Ceramic Confederation, attacks what it calls a ‘disingenuous’ attempt by a group of MPs to …

It’s a huge undertaking for a developing country to abide by the rules of GDPR
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Could developing country projects shield UK tech firms from impact of Brexit?

The United Kingdom’s tech businesses could find a niche role in helping developing countries to ‘climb the cliff-edge’ of dealing with data protection rules and allowing them to participate more fully in the global digital economy. But although developing such business could be a ‘win-win’ from both a commercial and …

China is viewed as an area of concern given its rise to pre-eminence as a 'trading powerhouse'
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EU trade policy must rise to US-China challenge, says BusinessEurope

Europe needs to adapt its trade policy to adjust to challenges from a more nationalistic US and a more assertive China, according to the EU’s leading business lobby. In the context of a changing global trade environment, with the WTO’s rules-based system coming increasingly under threat, and with trade policy …