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Market access, especially for agricultural products, is likely to be where the EU-New Zealand negotiations succeed or founder
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UK trade policy fog thickens amidst heightened political uncertainty

Confusion and uncertainty over the United Kingdom’s future trade policy, in both the short- and long-term, remains as high as ever following a tumultuous day in the parliament. Members of the British parliament voted by a majority of 27 to allow a motion to be tabled today (4 September 2019) …

Many businesses could 'struggle to stay afloat' after Brexit
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UK ceramics sector vents frustration over Brexit trade policy confusion

A UK manufacturing industry group has written to prime minister Theresa May expressing exasperation at what it sees as a mismatch between MPs’ views on trade policy and industry’s aspirations. The letter, by the British Ceramic Confederation, attacks what it calls a ‘disingenuous’ attempt by a group of MPs to …