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EU challenges Colombia in WTO over spirits monopolies and taxation

The EU has filed a request for consultations with Colombia in the WTO’s dispute settlement body over what it believes is discriminatory treatment of European spirits in local markets. The move was welcomed by various spirits associations in the EU.   The Scottisch Whisky Association (SWA) stated: “the industry struggles …

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Commission rebuffs Pro Sun request to review benchmark price for Chinese solar cells

The price undertaking currently in force with Chinese solar panel producers remains based on the EU Commission’s initial international price benchmark, the DG Trade’s antidumping department decided.   Pro Sun, the lobby group behind the undertaking decided in 2013 requested one year ago that the EU review the benchmark price …

Enforcement of FTAs: lessons for TPP and new trade agreements
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Enforcement of FTAs: lessons for TPP and new trade agreements

In its communication on the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) Washington insists on the fact that the agreement is ‘enforceable’. ‘Enforceability’ involves a strong and trusted dispute settlement mechanism. If experience of previous trade agreements is to offer any guidance, enforceability of TPP cannot be taken for granted. The stakes are high for regional …