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Comment: G20 and protectionism: What’s there to (really) worry about?

[sh_light_text ]Has G20 protectionism been talked up too much? The latest World Trade Organization (WTO) report, published jointly with the OECD, on trade restrictive measures in the G20 group of leading industrial economies and emerging markets,  reveals that protectionism has not significantly been on the rise. Yet there are ‘murky’ areas of …

Column: 10 headline figures – EU-Russia economics and trade this summer
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Column: 10 headline figures – EU-Russia economics and trade this summer

By Iana Dreyer   This has been a sad summer for Europe. The fact that holiday pleasures for those who enjoyed some were dampened by bad weather turns out to be a minor inconvenience in a season overshadowed by the crisis in Ukraine, the political unravellings in the Middle East, and bad news for the economy in Eurozone’s core economies, including …

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Blog: UNCTAD & WTO reports on investment & trade measures – EU in all this

Yesterday, new facts and numbers of about international trade and investment policies came out of Geneva. A short UNCTAD-OECD report on G20 Investment Measures was published, and the WTO released its semi-annual report on trade measures as a means to track  down protectionist tendencies. Borderlex is interested in how Europe is …

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Analysis: Antidumping duties on EU vehicles: competitive pressures in the Russian car market

The EU requested a WTO dispute settlement consultation on Russia’s antidumping duties. The move was announced yesterday. The case reveals several interesting facts about Russia’s economy and car sector.   The rising number of dispute settlement cases at the WTO initiated by both the EU and Russia is often perceived as geopolitical. Indeed, the case coincides …