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Commission’s MES mitigating measures would be “cherry-picking on the Parliament’s report on TDI reform” – EP Rapporteur

The three options the Commission presented early February to stakeholders (See Borderlex PRO 2 & 10 February 2016) on how it could handle the issue of offering China market economy treatment – China MES – in its antidumping law as of December 2016 are raising questions whether such a move …

China Trade defence

Satire: China market economy status protests in Brussels as socialists chide China for being socialist and European free traders welcome more trade protection

The China market economy status debate in Europe is interesting to observe: workers have joined forces with the capitalists to protest against granting China market economy status in order to have the right to perpetuate a long-ingrained trade practice of not letting capitalist free trade and competition prevail in EU …

China Trade defence

China antidumping update

Commissioner Malmström has written a letter to Beijing asking it to act against overcapacity in its steel industry. Meanwhile the latest antidumping measures involving Chinese products revealed this week include:   A new expiry review on a 2009 anti-dumping measures on okoumé plywood – in the meantime the duties remain …

Interview: EU international investment court idea: 3 questions to Lauge Poulsen
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Interview: EU international investment court idea: 3 questions to Lauge Poulsen

Lauge Poulsen,  Assistant Professor in International Political Economy at University College London, tells us what he thinks of the EU’s proposal to establish an international investment court system (ICS) to replace private arbitration to settle disputes between investors and host states.  The EU is notably proposing such a system to …

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TPP signed

In case you missed it, the twelve parties to the Transpacific Partnership Agreement formally signed the agreement concluded last autumn in Auckland, New Zealand, today. The deal, which includes the economic giants United States and Japan, and covers two fifths of world output, is thus edging closer to becoming a …