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GSP Plus – Philippines, Pakistan and Sri Lanka under EU scrutiny

The EU will examine three countries under its GSP Plus scheme in early December: the Philippines, Pakisan and Sri Lanka.   The Philippines have come into the crosshairs of those concerned about recently elected  president Duterte’s human rights track record. Duterte’s ordering of extra-judicial killings in a bloody crack-down on drugs-related crime has raised …

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Conflict minerals sourcing due diligence to become mandatory by 2021

The Council, the Commission and the European Parliament have reached a ‘political’ agreement on the shape of a long-awaited EU regulation aiming at eliminating minerals such as gold, tantalum and tungsten from war torn-regions (for example in Central Africa) from European companies’ supply chains.   In 2014, the Parliament sent back to …

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CETA: draft declaration hints at “effectively enforceable” labour and environment provisions in early revision

The German Social-Democrats were promised a declaration by trade commissioner Malmström and trade minister Freeland ahead of a coming Council meeting that aims to give the green light to the signature and ratification of CETA later this month. They are getting it. And it does not quite satisfy the demands made by Bernd …

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CJEU: Advocate General slams 2015 Morocco trade agreement ruling

The EU Council has increased its chances to win an appeal against a ruling by the General Court in December 2015 that invalidated a 2012 EU trade agreement with Morocco because it purportedly did not take into account human rights considerations in the territory of Western Sahara.   The Advocate General’s opinion released today …

Trade, values and supply chains: the trade policy challenge ahead
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Trade, values and supply chains: the trade policy challenge ahead

Trade For All’, the EU’s new trade strategy, aims to better connect ‘values’ and trade. It is part of a broader movement in this direction at global level. Corinne Vadcar outlines the dynamics shaping this trend and what are the key challenges in making trade, human rights, labour rights and environmental …