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Beyond Brussels: WTO paints bleak trade outlook ahead of G20 summit

It comes as little surprise that the World Trade Organization expects global merchandise trade to continue decelerating in the coming months – but it’s bad news, nonetheless. Mounting trade tensions, tighter credit conditions in key markets and waning business confidence have caused export orders to fall, the WTO said in …

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Beyond Brussels: US Section 301 report highlights on China

The latest US report detailing Chinese policies involving the transfer of technology, intellectual property and innovation is full of “groundless accusations”, according to China’s Ministry of Commerce. The update, which stems from the Trump administration’s Section 301 investigation, was released a day after the US proposed stepping up scrutiny of …

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Beyond Brussels: CPTPP countdown is on, with takeoff set for year-end

With Australia’s ratification this week of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership, the trade deal is now set to kick in next month. The accord, which will provide freer trade and investment access among its 11 members and link up markets with a combined gross domestic product of $13.4 trillion, …

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Beyond Brussels: Chain reaction to Section 232 duties picks up speed

US duties on steel and aluminium are not only taking a toll on countries across the globe, but they’re triggering a “wave of direct and indirect actions and reactions” that is likely to expand in the coming weeks and months. “Obviously one country’s action becomes the second country’s reason to …

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Beyond Brussels: Key triumph of Canadian trade meeting will be getting the ball rolling

Next week, Canada will unveil to a group of World Trade Organization members a discussion paper outlining consensus-based solutions that Ottawa says will bolster the global trading system. The problem is that the US – which isn’t part of that group – has already identified major elements of the Canadian …

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Beyond Brussels: So how much of TPP is in the USMCA?

President Donald Trump said he pulled the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership because it was a “horrible deal” that stole American jobs while benefiting big corporations. But Washington’s new agreement with Mexico and Canada, the USMCA, has incorporated many elements from TPP (reborn as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement …