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Plenary session - Votes
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INTA committee: pharma IP, enforcement regulation, steel, chief enforcement officer

Today the international trade committee met for a somewhat longer session than the one held at the end of April at the height of Europe’s lockdown. Here some highlights of what’s been said. Pharma intellectual property The pharmaceutical intellectual property space is one to watch very closely post COVID-19. It …

Plenary session - Votes
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MEPs stand firm behind Commission over FTA negotiations with UK

The European Parliament is standing full-square behind the Commission in its approach to the post-Brexit trade negotiations with the UK – and will need some convincing to accept any significant concessions to British demands as the talks rapidly intensify over the coming months. This was the message from Brussels at …

Week in Brussels: Solomon Islands – How a trade file run by a far right MEP is starting to play out
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Week in Brussels: Solomon Islands – How a trade file run by a far right MEP is starting to play out

The Pacific Islands Economic Partnership Agreement is now in the hands of French MEP André Rougé, a member of France’s far right Rassemblement National and the European Parliament’s Identity and Democracy group that includes far right parties from eight other European countries. A file that would have sailed quietly through …

Hearing of Phil HOGAN, Commissioner-designate, Trade
- Opening speech
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Hogan hearing: geostrategic pitch meets sustinability and farming questions

The questions Phil Hogan was least comfortable with were those around digital trade and European plans to establish a multilateral investment court. The more than two hour hearing with MEPs from the international trade committe was uneventful and dry – addressing at times the minutiae of ‘rules of origin’ in …