Germany United States & TTIP

TTIP: German week for Commissioner Malmström

The Commission is investing political energy into wooing Germany into supporting TTIP. Today, trade Commissioner Malmström is in Karlsruhe, talking at an event hosted by the regional chamber of commerce of Baden Württemberg, one of Germany’s economic powerhouses. There hailed the advantages of the transatlantic trade and investment partnership agreement …

Germany United States & TTIP

Anti TTIP ‘Campact’ pressure group under scrutiny over tax advantages

Political pressure is mounting on Campact, the German campaign group known for organising anti TTIP rallies and campaigns, the German newspaper FAZ reports.   The group is behind the October 2015 anti TTIP rally that gathered 200000 demonstrators in Berlin and coordinated a 3 million-signature European petition against TTIP. The …

CETA Germany United States & TTIP

Germany’s centre-left party chief and economics minister Sigmar Gabriel sees party support dented over TTIP, CETA

The annual three-day party convention of the SPD, Chancellor Merkel’s junior coalition partner in government, turned out to be bruising for Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s current Vice Chancellor and economics minister.   Part of the left-wing fraction of the party criticised Gabriel for supporting TTIP and CETA, and for toeing the …