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Environmental Goods Agreement talks: sub-group of 6 countries meeting in Paris to bring talks forward as rift with China widens

With input from Ravi Kanth in Geneva   The Environmental Goods Agreement negotiations launched last year among seventeen WTO members to bring down tariffs on goods ranging from solar panels to thermostats based on an initial list 52 products drawn up by the APEC group, have run into difficulties over …

WTO & Plurilaterals

Stalemate in WTO over appellate body member reappointment as US blocks Korean judge reappointment and EU worries about overload

The WTO is seeking to appoint two appellate body members, one to Ms Yuejiao Zhang, and one to reappoint the South Korean judge Seung Wha Chang. But it’s not going well.   USTR is opposing the reappointment of Seung Wha Chang. “The reason given is not because Mr. Chang demonstrated …