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Appellate Body upholds WTO rebuff of EU antidumping duties on Argentinean biodiesel
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Appellate Body upholds WTO rebuff of EU antidumping duties on Argentinean biodiesel

The WTO’s appellate body upheld an earlier ruling outlawing EU antidumping duties on Argentinean biofuels. The case has broader ramifications for EU antidumping policy going forward as it follows on other converging rulings in the Court of Justice of the EU.           The EU Commission will now have to …

China Energy & Environment WTO disputes

In brief: EU launches new case against China raw material export restrictions

Brussels is following Washington on this one. Today, the EU notified the WTO Secretariat of a request for consultations with China over duties and other measures concerning the exportation of certain raw materials. This request follows on a similar one filed by Washington last week (13 July 2016).   The move follows …

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Argentina biodiesel case strengthens WTO, ECJ jurisprudence obliging EU to take into account cost data provided by exporting companies

A long-awaited dispute settlement report of the WTO in a case brought by Argentina against antidumping measures imposed by the EU on biodiesel imports will likely oblige Brussels to make amendments to the measures in place. The EU is expected to lodge an appeal, and the European Biodiesel Board has …

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Will WTO EU antidumping ruling compliance report bear on the EU’s China ‘market economy status’ debate?

Antidumping experts are still reading the long WTO compliance report published early this week on a 2012 ruling concerning antidumping measures on Chinese iron and steel fasteners. The ruling comes at a delicate time when the future of China’s ‘market economy status’ is being hotly discussed in the EU ahead …

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WTO appellate body rebuffs EU over implementation of ruling on China antidumping case. Retaliation in sight.

The ruling is likely to inflame the debate over the future of China’s market economy status.   On 18 January 2016, the WTO’s appellate body upheld a dispute settlement body ruling chiding the EU over its implementation of a 2012 ruling on measures imposed against iron or steel fasteners from …

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EU challenges Colombia in WTO over spirits monopolies and taxation

The EU has filed a request for consultations with Colombia in the WTO’s dispute settlement body over what it believes is discriminatory treatment of European spirits in local markets. The move was welcomed by various spirits associations in the EU.   The Scottisch Whisky Association (SWA) stated: “the industry struggles …