The European Parliament’s international trade committee meets in Brussels. Agenda items on the first day include presentations on the agreement in principle between the EU and Mexico and the state of play of trade negotiations with Mercosur. A public hearing of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, in association with INTA, will focus on US-EU relations, and the trade committee will then consider a draft opinion on this issue.

INTA will also consider a report on how to protect the bloc from dumped and subsidised imports from non-EU countries, including the Council’s position and a draft recommendation for a second reading of the proposal. A vote is scheduled on this topic the next day.

On Day 2, a study on “Future Trade Relations Between the EU and the UK: Options After Brexit” will be presented to INTA. Votes are then scheduled on further macro-financial assistance for Ukraine and the public procurement strategy package. Following the votes, INTA members who travelled to China from 7-9 May will tell other lawmakers about their mission. Their presentation will be followed a discussion about the state of play with Morocco regarding agreements adapting the protocols on rules of origin in the EU-Morocco association agreement and fisheries agreement.