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Your go-to resource on trade policy in Europe

borderlex.eu is the go-to resource for news, analysis, commentary, insights, in-depth technical analysis and EU trade policy and free trade negotiations. We are the only comprehensive news outfit on trade policy in the EU.

Borderlex was born as a blog in May 2014 and turned into a professional news site in 2016. Since then it has established a firm reputation for providing reliable news, and solid, predictive, and critical analysis on the EU’s trade and investment policy.

Borderlex contributes actively to the public debate in Europe about trade policy and trade agreements through commentary, interviews and opinion pieces. Borderlex is also the repository for everything you need to know about TTIP thanks to its unique TTIP Tracker.

In 2017, Borderlex took over the legacy of EU Trade Insights by ViEUws. We invite you to support its other, more important legacy: the Lénaïc Fund for Quality Journalism

Borderlex is also growing its coverage of Britain’s nascent post-Brexit policy. Borderlex is involved in the UK Trade Forum, a website dedicated to fostering quality debate on trade in Britain.

Our core readership and subscribers include business, law firms, consultancies, governments, academics, journalists and NGO representatives throughout Europe and beyond.

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