Mauritius is determined to continue to drum up support for the MIC proposal
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ISDS reforms: Multilateral Investment Court faces resistance but specific reform processes get rolling

At its last meeting in New York UNCITRAL Working Group III on reforms of investor-state dispute settlement pushed back on proposals for an EU-sponsored multilateral investment court (MIC). But participants managed to agree to continue working on a general approach to reforms and to specific changes. More than 100 governments …

Interview: EU international investment court idea: 3 questions to Lauge Poulsen
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Interview: EU international investment court idea: 3 questions to Lauge Poulsen

Lauge Poulsen,  Assistant Professor in International Political Economy at University College London, tells us what he thinks of the EU’s proposal to establish an international investment court system (ICS) to replace private arbitration to settle disputes between investors and host states.  The EU is notably proposing such a system to …


ISDS: can the EU’s international investment court revolution succeed?

The EU is trying to revolutionise the international investment protection order with its new proposal to establish an international investment court – ICS – to adjudicate conflicts between international investors and host states. Starting a revolution is no small feat, and needs a lot of strategising, organising, and a competent, agile, avantgarde. Whereas the …

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Brussels moves against intra-EU investor-state arbitration raise Energy Charter dilemmas

The Commission is stepping up efforts to root out intra-EU international investment arbitration. Yet doing so for Energy Charter Treaty-based cases raises dilemmas for a body that wants to promote the agreement globally but sees support for the text dwindling at home, as seen with Italy’s recent outright pull-out. By Iana Dreyer.


Blog: International investment arbitration – Intra-EU, Energy Charter cases, investors rebutted three quarters of time

The EU Parliament has descended into acrimony over investment arbitration by postponing a vote and a debate on TTIP yesterday. While we leave the politicians to their squabbles, let’s have a fresh look at the reality of investment arbitration cases. Recent data provided by the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes, …